Money Mentors - Participant Enrollment Form

Money Mentors - Participant Enrollment Form

Partnership for Financial Coaching

To better scale to our diverse populations’ changing needs, the Student Money Management Center is no longer offering individual coaching sessions by SMMC staff starting June 15, 2020.
Instead, we are encouraging the students and employees we serve across the University of Illinois System to meet with a University of Illinois Extension Money Mentor.

Money Mentors

Money Mentors are available to assist individuals with personal finance strategies, including budgeting, establishing financial goals, building savings, managing credit and paying down debt, as well as organizing finances. Money Mentor volunteers are trained in problem-solving and financial coaching strategies to help participants accomplish their financial goals.
Meeting one-on-one with a Money Mentor is free. To learn more about the program, please visit the Money Mentors website.
To be paired with a Money Mentor, complete the information below & on the following page. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response. 
Note: Until further notice, all Money Mentor meetings will be conducted virtually.

Contact Information

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