UIDEA Application S22

UIDEA logo on navy background header for Spring 2022 applicationHey there, innovator!

We're so happy you are considering applying to UIDEA. We know that the ideas starting here can change how we fundraise and engage at the University of Illinois and might just transform the entire advancement industry. Thank you for leading the way!

Before you get started, a few quick notes.

When completing your application:

  • The Selection Committee isn't looking for paragraph-upon-paragraph responses to the questions. On the contrary, the more succinctly you can explain your idea, the better.
  • Keep in mind that you will also be pitching your idea to the Selection Committee as part of the application process, so there will be plenty of time to share the finer details of your concept.

We also encourage you to visit:

  • UIDEA website: Learn more about the UIDEA program, meet the alumni teams, watch some of the previous pitches, and read 12 things to know if you are considering applying for UIDEA or the UIDEA FAQs.
  • UIF Strategic Innovation on Teachable: Want more in-depth information? Check out the What's the (big) UIDEA course, a 15-minute crash course on the UIDEA program, what it is, why it exists, how it works, etc., or the Idea Distillery, an in-depth boot camp to take your idea from concept through team building, into scope refinement, and crafting your first pitch. Both courses launch on November 8.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your idea, feel free to schedule a 30-minute conversation.


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